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Join MagnaWave on Tuesday at 12 PM EST/9 AM PST for Office Hours! Ask your PEMF questions LIVE with Pat Ziemer, owner, and CEO of MagnaWave. The video below will be LIVE during our webinar sessions.

Office Hours – LIVE! every Tuesday


MagnaWave Owner and CEO, Pat Ziemer, has worked with thousands of men around the world who are interested in ways to improve their health through MagnaWaving.


Alane Paulley, MagnaWave’s President, has seen results first-hand while treating hundreds of women during the last decade. “I have helped many women in a great deal of pain. Oftentimes, doctors misdiagnose issues, or even worse, women are just told to ‘suck-it-up’ when describing the pain they are in. Sometimes women are afraid to speak up about pain and general discomfort they feel. Talking about these issues with your doctor is paramount to getting the right care. If you are experiencing these issues and haven’t found relief, you should try a few MagnaWave sessions. I have seen it really change lives.”

Paulley states the reason for this positive change is likely due to MagnaWave’s unique ability to increase oxygen in the bloodstream. This helps reduce inflammation and irritation within the body. Over time, this might not only reduce symptoms but also underlying causes and other common feminine issues.

Alane, a mother of 2 with another baby due this month, often talks to women about issues related to endometriosis. Sometimes, this condition has been shown to cause difficulties with fertility and pregnancy. For example, in addition to the pain and discomfort, the physical and mental stress caused by endometriosis can also make getting pregnant more challenging for some people.

“You have nothing to lose by trying MagnaWave, at best you get results and begin feeling better, at worst nothing changes. Don’t wait until you have tried everything else. You may feel better after as little as one to two MagnaWave sessions.”

Alane is hosting a series of free webinars to bring her knowledge and experience on issues such as this to more women. She encourages women to ask questions leading up to the event on MagnaWave’s Facebook page so that she can answer these during the webinar. Women can receive more updates from Alane and learn about the upcoming webinars by following the official MagnaWave Facebook page.