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Find a Magnawave Practitioner Near You

Online Training

MagnaWave is currently the only company in the United States that offers certification training on how to use PEMF on horses, people, and pets. The training is done completely online and includes over ten hours of videos and educational files. Additional hands-on training is available at our Louisville, KY location.

The MagnaWave Certification program, which teaches you how to use MagnaWave, was created to ensure clients receive treatment from practitioners that know what they’re doing. Simple as that. Would you purchase a PEMF machine and feel comfortable using it on yourself, a horse, animal, relative or a friend without training?

Learn At Your Own Pace

Getting trained to use your MagnaWave device  is only the beginning. In addition to online training, you can receive hands-on training in Louisville, KY from the MagnaWave experts. You’ll learn to work with people, athletes, and animals such as dogs, cats and even chickens and other small animals. In the online certification program, you’ll learn how best to approach a variety of indications such as laminitis, muscle strains or sprains, EPM, hoof abscess, stone bruises, founder, pain and more. You’ll learn what to do when you come across a problem. Not only will you have the best equipment, but you’ll have the best customer service team backing you up.

Included with Machine Purchase

Certification training is included with the purchase of any MagnaWave machine, and you will be trained to use MagnaWave on people, horses, and pets in that program.

You can also lease your MagnaWave machine. The option of purchasing certification is available (in addition to the lease) for $1,000. Should you choose to purchase the machine at the end of the lease, 100% of the cost of the certification is taken off the purchase price.

Not only will you learn how to use your MagnaWave machine, session guidelines for people, small animals, horses and more, in addition to receiving access to valuable resources, but you will learn how to properly care for and maintain the MagnaWave machine. Certification really is the best way to get the most out of your new device.