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Hands-On Training


The first step to get trained to use MagnaWave is to contact MagnaWave. Although there is no strict state licensing at this point, we offer an online MagnaWave Certification Program for practitioners, to get trained to use MagnaWave as well as, learning how to work on a variety of indications. In our certification program, we will train you to use MagnaWave on horses, people, and small animals.

Certified Practitioners, who are trained to use MagnaWave, also have access to our private online group where guidelines and sessions are discussed and questions are answered. There’s also a Certified Practitioner networking seminar where practitioners can get together and share what they’ve learned.

Once you have completed the online MagnaWave Certification course, we offer the chance to visit Louisville, Ky for a one-day hands-on training session. Spend the day with Director of Certification Erin Hughes treating thoroughbred racehorses and visiting the backside of historic Churchill Downs as well as an afternoon spent going over the application of MagnaWave in small animals and people. Hands-on training gives you the ability to ask questions about various indications and scenarios that you have or will encounter in your MagnaWave business while getting the answers and new perspective from the experts with years of experience face to face. In addition, get a consultation from our marketing team and discover the programs MagnaWave has to offer that will help you grow your MagnaWave business or incorporate PEMF into an existing wellness practice.


MagnaWave is currently the only company in the United States that offers certification training on how to use PEMF machines on horses, people, and pets. The training is done completely online and includes over ten hours of videos and educational files. Additional hands-on training is available in our Louisville, KY location.