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Education Center

One of MagnaWave’s primary focuses is education. This includes letting the world know about the health benefits of using PEMF, training our practitioners to know their products and how to effectively administer sessions, and our never-ending goal to promote research and scientific studies to find more ways MagnaWave can help people and animals live better lives.

Research Studies

It is very important that MagnaWave actively participates and gathers research studies involving PEMF. From our active clinical trials to independent studies, you can find all the research available here. We are a partner with the Association of PEMF Professionals whose mission is to advance the technology as a mainline, accepted, and supported modality by professional human and animal practitioners in all areas of health, wellness, and medicine. If you’re looking for the hard facts, we’ve got you covered.

Video Library

Every week, MagnaWave hosts Office Hours with Pat Ziemer, our founder and CEO. These educational hours feature the latest updates of PEMF studies, recapping real world scenarios from our practitioner base, a live question and answer feature, free giveaways, and more!

We also provide educational bite-size snippet videos that help support our mission of educating the world about how MagnaWave works and how everyone can benefit from the power of PEMF.

Latest Articles

Stay up-to-date with the most recent MagnaWave news, stories from our practitioners, and coverage on PEMF around the globe. Our blog is updated frequently to keep you on the cutting edge of the hottest topics from MagnaWave. We also provide session guidelines, successful usage scenarios, and overall tips for wellness and health. Flex your MagnaWave knowledge with our latest articles!

Certification Courses

MagnaWave’s certification program has been educating practitioners around the world for more than 10 years and is recognized as an accredited school by the AADP. Although we are not a large university, we have built a PEMF education and marketing program that is unmatched. Our online courses coupled with our hands-on training equips you with the skills to be a PEMF expert and/or run a successful business.

Whether you are using PEMF for personal or professional use, our courses are designed to get optimal results from your MagnaWave machine. Our entire team has built a plug and play system to help you build a business from everything we’ve learned firsthand.


Pat has written his own e-book, Take it to the Maxx, borne from his experience from buying his first Maxx machine and building MagnaWave into the wellness company it is today. It offers his unique tale of being the “crazy man” with a magic machine at horse tracks to our corporate office with a global practitioner network. It is available for free from our website right now!

MagnaWave is a great tool to add to any current wellness business and Pat has been featured in several other books that highlight all the different modalities that can be used in conjunction with PEMF. Browse our ever expanding library of books and purchase yours today!


Join MagnaWave for our world-renown webinars! Every Tuesday we have a live feed for Office Hours which you can watch directly on this page. You can also learn more about our other video series we host.

Alane and Pat also host a variety of webinars every month that cover a range of topics such as weight loss, biohacking, business building tips for practitioners, and more!

Practitioner FAQ

If you’re looking to become a practitioner and have a question, we have answers! View our frequently asked questions about becoming a practitioner, how to get MagnaWave Certified, business building tips, and more!