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Bowed Tendon

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Bowed Tendon

A 23 year old Trakaener Warmblood named Konga owned by Linden Gaspar of Gainesville, Georgia bowed a tendon the end of March 2016.  After the vet visit Linden contacted me to start Magna Wave treatments on Konga.  He had had the full body treatment with the Magna Wave PEMF twice following colic surgery in January and we discussed the recovery of the tendon.  We decided once a week was the way to go and I discussed the protocal I was going to do.  I would work on both shoulders, legs, pectorals, neck, poll, looking for stressed areas due to the painful injury.  He was not compensating at all with the hind end.  During the first treatment, it was quite obvious he was really loading up on the opposite fore.  I treated his entire front end concentrating on over stressed areas and the bow.  I gave her a follow up ritual to do for him including a poultice and epsom salt soaks.

By the next week, much progress was made for his healing.  Much heat was gone and the stress on the opposite fore was half of the week before. Konga has had 6 Magna Wave PEMF treatments and we are continuing biweekly.  The vet and owner are amazed by the results.  Konga is now pain free!

– VickyLynn Toporek