Beth’s Secret to Success as a Magna Wave Practitioner

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Beth's Secret to Success

Beth’s Secret to Success as a Magna Wave Practitioner

Magna Wave’s most successful practitioner, Beth Hammelbacher, shares her secret to success with other PEMF practitioners. Hammelbacher owns her own business, The Kneaded Edge an integrative bodywork service for equine and canine clients featuring Magna Wave PEMF therapy. She is also the equine manager at Valour Farms in Delaware.

Beth’s Secret to Success

In a recent clip Hammelbacher shared on Facebook, you can see and hear, just how much she loves Magna Wave. She does a “before” treatment clip with a 25-year-old horse suffering from severe neck soreness. As Hammelbacher holds a treat at a distance encouraging the horse to bend, he can’t, even though he’s clearly interested in getting his reward. In the next segment Hammelbacher demonstrates “after” Magnawaving, where the horse is able to bend and get his treat and we can hear just how thrilled Beth is.

Beth Hammelbacher owner of the Kneaded Edge offers services for equine and canine clients featuring Magna Wave PEMF therapy.

Kudos, Mr. Ziemer

In a brief interview with Pat Ziemer, CEO of Magna Wave PEMF, it seems pretty clear that Beth’s secret to success is Magna Wave PEMF, not just as a modality, but as a company. “You have a great program,” says Hammelbacher. “You have a marketing program that knows what you’re trying to achieve. You as a company are working with the marketing program. It’s not just me calling up and getting my local or national guy that doesn’t know anything about horses, bodywork or Magna Wave.”

Magna Wave has a great marketing program for practitioners.

A Solid Foundation

Magna Wave PEMF does a lot to support their practitioners, from training and certification, to helping them grow their business, or even just to answer a question when they call. In fact, Mr. Ziemer himself holds an open question and answer session, where practitioners can submit their questions, every Tuesday, twice a day, at 9:00 AM and again at 2:00 PM. He also holds a Health and Wellness Webinar every Thursday covering general wellness topics. There truly are so many resources available to practitioners through Magna Wave PEMF.

But, Beth’s secret to success doesn’t end there. “I like that you know what you’re offering and they ways it’s offered. You can do either a complete package or you can do segments of a package,” says Hammelbacher. “I think that speaks to the company trying to be everything that a future practitioner would need.”

Big Things in Small… or Large Packages

Indeed, there is versatility in the packages Magna Wave PEMF offers to practitioners. There are specials for each machine, and packages that include the most commonly used attachments for that machine. You can even rent the Maxx or Maia for three months, then should you decide to purchase, that rental fee is applied toward the purchase. Magna Wave PEMF also works with several banks that finance clients. There is a lot of versatility to getting started with Magna Wave PEMF.

Magna Wave PEMF also works with several banks that finance clients.

Hello, How Can We Help?

Perhaps there’s something to be said for Beth’s secret to success. When a practitioner calls Magna Wave PEMF they get not just a person, but someone qualified to answer their questions, and if they don’t know the answer they’ll find someone who does. That’s good customer service and a solid foundation for an effective program.