All PEMF machines and companies are the same.... FALSE | Magna Wave PEMF

All PEMF machines and companies are the same…. FALSE

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All PEMF machines and companies are the same…. FALSE

Recently it has come to our attention that there are companies claiming to be the same as “Magna Wave” This is nothing new, and we don’t mind competition and we usually do not even comment on such things,  but our Certified Practitioners need us to go on the record, so we are. Magna Wave PEMF has been in the PEMF Equine business longer then any other US company, besides having the latest PEMF equipment we also have the longest warranty, the Safest PEMF machines and a Certification and Training program unlike any other. We are very proud of our products and reputation. Our practitioners do not just know how to use the Magna Wave but they can read it and understand PEMF at the cellular level. We offer full training for the treatment of Humans, Horses and Small Animals. Magna Wave Certified Practitioners get the best results, with more experience, and yearly participation in continuing education. Would you trust your horse to a trainer who only knew how to ride, but didn’t know how to train? What about a dental hygienist who know what a tooth was but not how to clean it? No, because knowing how to turn a machine on and place a coil is one thing but knowing how to treat each indication to get the best results is another. Magna Wave never claims to be another company, we are not under any other brand name. Do not believe companies who say they are the “same” as Magna Wave. Our machines, our training , and our support are not sold anywhere but under the Magna Wave PEMF.

Before investing in or using ANY PEMF machine or company, ask these questions, do they have safety testing and Clinical Trials? How long have they been in business? Will they be there in the future when I need them? Have they changed their name multiple times, if so why? How long is their Warranty? Do they have long term support? How in depth is the training?  Is the practitioner trained, is the Certification recognized? Call around, reach out to their Practitioners, are they happy? Take your time and do your research, anyone claiming to have the “latest technology” and or “the same” machine should be able to backup that claim with testing or trials. PEMF is a science and can be confusing if you have any questions we would be happy to talk to you,  or we can a recommend a third party to provide information to help you make an informed decision. Don’t just buy a PEMF machine when you can get a PEMF family, with support, training and results that have been here and will be here for years to come! Our business is based on the belief that PEMF can change Lives and we want to help the lives of as many people  and animals as possible, in a honest supportive environment. Thank you for reading this post!

Sincerely, The Magna Wave Family