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The damage to my knee was a lot more extensive than I or the surgeon guessed. The day before surgery I met with the doctor who would be operating on my knee. We knew from the MRI that the ACL was severed in one place. But he was optimistic that while my MCL was damaged, it might not require surgery. In fact, he said it felt and looked as though my MCL was already healing itself.

Less than 20 hours before surgery I felt great. Hearing the doctor’s positive outlook on my MCL gave me hope that this injury would be even easier to heal than when I tore the ACL in my other knee four and half years ago. Unfortunately, I was very wrong.

As I slept on the operating table the doctor had more freedom to look inside my knee. After the surgery he sounded somewhat surprised when he told me just how bad the MCL tear also was. My surgery took an extra hour longer than expected.

After waking up, I was told they had to give me extra anesthesia during the surgery and that made me very sick for the next 12 hours. Even worst, my recovery feels like it might need to be slower now.

It’s an awful feeling thinking about the road ahead. But first I want to consider how this road could have been worse. Hearing the news about my MCL caused me to wonder what the days (or even weeks) leading up to surgery could have been like. I mentioned in a previous blog how important it is to control swelling and reduce inflammation prior to surgery. I hate icing injuries and I constantly forget to take anti-inflammatories on a regular basis. However, I did commit to Magnawaving at least twice a day beginning within 14 hours of the initial injury. This more than anything else seemed to helped reduce, even eliminate, some of the problems I could have experienced. I now have a better first hand understanding of just how important the MCL is for people. I really think I could have been in a lot worse pain if I had not been Magnawaving.

I’m not a doctor but I remember all too well how my first ACL tear felt. My knee was terribly swollen, forcing me to hobble around for weeks prior to surgery. I really had to work hard to keep the swelling under control. Even little things, like getting in and out of cars or sleeping, were more difficult the first time around. Despite suffering a more extensive injury recently, I felt great overall and did not notice any major swelling in my knee prior to surgery. I’m older, in worse overall shape, and still hate icing my knee constantly. But now that I’ve heard how bad the injury was I’m more convinced than ever that MagnaWave helped me feel better and become a better candidate for surgery in less than 2 weeks. This was also faster than the prior injury, when I had to weight almost a month before surgery could take place.

The day before my recent surgery I spoke with MagnaWave’s Owner, Pat Ziemer, extensively about how I should MagnaWave myself. He explained that it is important to avoid MagnaWave until after the bleeding from incisions has stopped. Unfortunately, as I mentioned the surgery was much more extensive than I had hoped and my wounds were still leaking slightly the next day. For this reason I think it’s probably best for me to wait a couple extra days before I start MagnaWaving again. However, this can’t come soon enough in my mind.

Currently, I’m strapped into a knee brace or ice machine almost 24 hours a day. My knee is so swollen that the brace cuts off circulation if I stand to long. This causes even worse swelling in my knee, and I noticed today that my calf is really swelling badly at times. I’m in constant pain unless I take the stronger medicine the doctors prescribed, but that only removes the pain long enough for me to get overwhelmed by a drowsy cloud before passing out. I’m really hoping for some post-op miracles from MagnaWave because right now I feel pretty miserable both physically and mentally.

The surgeon is optimistic that I can be out of the brace in 3 weeks and back to running long distance in 4 months. But right now, I’m hoping to just get through the next 3 days of pretty constant pain and swelling. My goal is to make it through the weekend and then return to the physical therapist Monday to redress my bandages. At this time he should be able to tell me if the bleeding has stopped enough for me to begin Magnawaving.

However if this pain continues, I’m seriously considering a MagnaWave session in the middle of the night to help me sleep.

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