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Hopefully, you have never suffered a major injury that requires surgery and months of rehabilitation. But if you have done this once before, you understand how overwhelming this process can feel. If you have undergone this turmoil multiple times, like I have, well it can be absolutely depressing. Currently, I’m struggling through this cycle of emotional depression and physical nausea.

On Thursday, July 19, 2018, I tore my left ACL while playing indoor soccer during an adult recreational league. If you haven’t suffered an injury like this before, believe me when I say it is both physically and psychologically traumatizing. For the last couple of hours I struggled to overcome the knowledge of the painful ordeal ahead.

This is my second ACL tear. At age 31, roughly 4 and a half years ago, I tore my right ACL while also playing indoor soccer. Clearly, I am a sucker for punishment because I went right back to the sport after taking a 2-year break to recover. As a former college athlete and someone who has been fortunate to remain extremely healthy throughout life it’s important to me to recover quickly and get back on my feet, literally.

More importantly, as a husband and business owner, my ability to provide for my family and employees relies on my ability to not let this injury slow me down. Missing a day of work for me means bills do not get paid. Therefore, this time around I plan to supplement my road to recovery with a new piece of technology I have heard about recently called MagnaWave.

During the past year I have used MagnaWave once or twice but not for any particular reason. Friends of mine first introduced me to the company about 18 months ago and it was not something I had ever heard of or considered using during my first injury. Since coming into contact with the company I’ve met hundreds of people who are MagnaWaving and heard even more stories about how its technology is helping people and animals recover from injury. Now it is time to personally put this to the test.

Over the next 6 months, I will be documenting my road to recovery with the help of MagnaWave. My goal is to run and complete a half marathon within 6-7 months after surgery. Having torn my other ACL I understand exactly what is ahead of me and frankly, I’m dreading it. As I mentioned above, it is physically and psychologically draining to fully bounce back from ACL injury and surgery. There are roughly 200,000 ACL injuries in the United States each year. My goal is to force myself to stay positive and motivated during this grueling time by sharing my story and progress with the hope that others will learn about MagnaWave and hopefully be able to use this technology to also help them recover faster.

I am writing this first post on the night of my injury. After limping off the field with my arms over my teammates, I felt extremely nauseous. Four years ago the doctors told me nausea was a normal sign of a major internal injury. This time around I was more prepared for it and managed to avoid throwing up. However, I felt absolutely decimated. I work 12-20 hour days and don’t have time to limp around for weeks, or months. Worse, I’m not prepared for the depressing thought of the road ahead, the slower pace, and the inability to enjoy my usual soccer and running schedules.

After about 4 hours of feeling awful and fighting through the sadness of what I’m about to endure, I decided that I needed to do something different this time around to help me recover faster. Thankfully, this time I know about MagnaWaving and how it is used to help the body reduce inflammation. Within 24 hours of injury, I begin my first session in order to control swelling in my knee. From prior experience, I know this is important for a couple of reasons. First, the reduced swelling will allow the doctors to more easily assess my injury. Second, by lessening inflammation I will also reduce pain and improve mobility. This will help me be able to begin rehabbing sooner. And third, the improved mobility will help me strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee more quickly than before. It is imperative that this happens so that my muscles do not atrophy, which could hinder my post-surgery rehab.

The last time I tore my ACL, I required about 8 months of rehab prior to returning to athletic form and completing a half marathon. With the help of MagnaWave, I hope to reduce this time by at least 2 months. I cannot control how quickly a doctor will have time in their schedule to fit me in for surgery. But I’m also hoping the 1-month period I waited last time between injury and surgery can be reduced thanks to MagnaWave.

I have an ambitious plan but I’ve heard and seen a lot of first-hand accounts discuss how MagnaWaving has helped others regain their form quickly. I don’t know that I’ll ever want to play soccer again but I definitely want to feel like an athlete as soon as possible. More importantly, I cannot afford to let this injury slow me down or hurt my spirit. A lot of people depend on me and I hope to show even more how MagnaWave can be used to recover faster from something as tough as this injury. MAGNAWAVE FOR ATHLETES

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