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MagnaWave CEO Pat Ziemer recently had the opportunity to explore the impact of MagnaWaving on athletes via a web interview with retired PGA golfer Woody Blackburn, as well as Dr. Jerry Dreessen who is a chiropractor and a sports physician. Dr. Dreessen has utilized MagnaWave with many athletes. The three were joined by Dana Ives, a MagnaWave practitioner operating out of Florida with both the equine side of the athletic performance world as well as the human side. She’s working with doctors in the Florida area, helping their patients and athletes.

As Pat Ziemer talks MagnaWave he says the company has come a long way since the beginning, when it started out with horses and riders, helping them both feel better. In the past few years MagnaWave began working with professional baseball and football teams, including the Tennessee Titans. They currently have three MagnaWave devices and love the different uses.


Retired PGA golfer Woody Blackburn introduced himself, explaining he’d played golf most of his life, joining the PGA from 1976 until 1989 when he suffered a severe disc rupture and had to stop playing. Physicians recommended against surgery and opted for rehab to avoid scar tissue. Unsure about whether or not he could continue to compete Mr. Blackburn started a company where he met Dana Ives and her husband who introduced him to MagnaWave.


(PGA Golfer Woody Blackburn) I think the biggest thing is probably increased range of motion. When you’re playing a sport for a living, at one time or another no matter what sport it is, we all learn how to play with pain. But one thing you can’t perform very well through is limited range of motion. I’ve played many a game on the tour where my back was hurting, but my range of motion was not limited and affected by it. So, I was able to push through. But once you get that impingement or that restriction on your range of motion, then whatever it is you’re trying to do gets greatly impacted.


Retired PGA golfer Woody Blackburn goes on to give testimony of how MagnaWave has helped active golfers, in terms of range of motion. A friend of Blackburn’s had stopped playing golf completely due to arthritis in his hands. The man couldn’t hold the club anymore. He’d put his hands on the club and soon as he moved the club back, it would come out of his grasp. After four MagnaWave sessions on four consecutive Friday’s, Blackwood says the man returned to practice and was playing golf again.

Dr. Jerry Dreessen, from your perspective, as we talked about range of motion, improvement of hands with arthritis and those types of situations, as a doctor, can you give us a little background as to how this is happening? What is MagnaWave doing for them?

(Dr. Jerry Dreessen) In our line of work, chiropractors and sports physicians cannot get anyone better unless we can remove the cause of the inflammation. Even if somebody gets better, they’re going to continue to reinjure themselves if you don’t fix the cause of the issue. Being able to move a joint as far as its function can be limited by pain. Oftentimes when you start overriding the pain by doing things like taking medications (so you play through the pain), that’s when you’re setting up the system for even more dysfunction. Down the road you’ll end up with scar tissue, with constant chronic pain that doesn’t go away.

Woody, from the from the perspective of being a professional golfer, when do the indications develop? What’s important as a golfer, to prevent these situations from occurring? What do you do?

(PGA Golfer Woody Blackburn) “Well I think it’s quite different now than it was 25 years ago. We have fitness trailers on tour that are there Monday through Friday of every tournament, and there are actually physical therapists that man those trailers. A lot of the guys actually take physical therapists with them on tour now. So, stretching and all the preventative things that you should do as an athlete are now part of their daily routine.”

Most PGA golfers are so aware and cognizant of the things they need to do now, not only to stay in shape, but to prevent injury, that Mr. Blackburn believes we’re going to see less and less professional golfer getting hurt.

Woody, as you have used MagnaWave on some professional golfers, what has been their reaction? Have you seen some change and improvement there?

(PGA Golfer Woody Blackburn) The best example is probably Vijay Singh. Vijay and I practice a lot together out at the TPC and when I found out more about MagnaWave, I remember telling Vijay about it. I teased him, saying that he looked more like he was 65 instead of 52 and he said his knee and ankle hurt. Then Dana and her husband Robert drove all the way to Charlotte North Carolina where Vijay was, at the at the PGA Championship, to give him a session. He said it helped quite a bit. He finally bought a MagnaWave machine and has been using it every day. In fact, I think he’s using it too much!

We don’t realize as we age how these pains that we’ve learned to live through, limit our range of motion. Once we free that up we’re able to walk, stretch, run and swing. Dr. Dreessen, how does that work?

(Dr. Jerry Dreessen) Joint dysfunction pain is usually the last thing that shows up, so you can have a career then halfway through that’s when things start messing you up. But it’s from an injury that could have happened two or three years ago. When there is inflammation it attracts calcium, it’s called Wolf’s law, but the joint inflammation process that goes on begins to build up. You get that degenerative disc joint problem, we have bone spurs, and things like that in the low back. It’s a result of this inflammation that you may not have felt.


One of the greatest things about MagnaWaving is that it’s not painful and non-invasive. Dr. Dreessen likes that he doesn’t have to go in and cut and scrape. It’s not surgery. But his favorite thing about MagnaWave is that it’s not masking anything, it’s changing the physics of what’s happening to the body. A person who has been dealing with pain for an extended period of time may not realize their range of motion has become limited or that they’re still in pain. Over time the body has a tendency to shut off a pain signal. Once that comes back, once healing begins and range of motion improves, that’s when a person realizes how much they’d lost.


Mr. Ziemer agrees, explaining that MagnaWave is working with the Tennessee Titans and they’re currently using three devices in their regimen. The trainer called Mr. Ziemer recently to say, “In my twenty years as a professional trainer this is the most powerful session I’ve ever come across.” The players were standing in line to get sessions. The biggest issue that they deal with is the hamstring. If they can keep this rejuvenated and they can help it as soon as they have an indication of injury or stress, they can in a lot of cases reverse it. The trainer went on to tell Mr. Ziemer he believes he has the healthiest team in the league.


Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the interview with regards to MagnaWaving athletes, was the general consensus between all four speakers, Mr. Ziemer, PGA Golfer Woody Blackburn, Dr. Jerry Dreessen and Dana Ives is that using MagnaWave to get initial inflammation and pain down can help begin the process of unravelling an issue and getting to the root of the problem. Once the primary cause has been addressed, continuing MagnaWave sessions may help repent further issues from occurring as it helps the body repair damage that it takes on each day. That is what MagnaWave can do.

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