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Leading the Field

Leading the Field Magna Wave is the leader in Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) therapy equipment and training.


We have clinics and mobile pracitioners available for treatments and consultations all over the U.S.

P.E.M.F. is a #1 Bestseller - The Faster, More Effective Way to Relieve Your Pain

PEMF is an Amazon Best Seller

If you are wanting to learn more about PEMF, check out our #1 Best Seller and learn all there is to know. Every new user becomes an instant believer and a new success story. Magna Wave can help you!

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Magna Wave eliminates pain and changes lives.
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We are the only company offering Training and Certification for Humans and Small Animals will be available with our already existing Equine Certification!
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  • Today at Magna Wave PEMF in Louisville, I just finished up another treatment wit... read more
    9 days ago

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    78 days ago
  • Pain Free and Working!"My daughters TB had a history of back soreness when we go... read more
    102 days ago


  • Helping Horse & Owner"Magna Wave has brought back my rodeo horse after 2 yrs of ... read more
    15 days ago
  • "Mac is a 20+yr show horse that recently went through a tornado in Blanchard, OK... read more
    78 days ago

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